18th Jan 2020, 3:55 AM
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Eli Cosmanis 18th Jan 2020, 3:55 AM edit delete
Eli Cosmanis
Apologies!!! I feel guilty and bad for putting up a non-update like this when you've been waiting for longer than I said it would take to be back.... I've been trying to un-ugly my art. Which has been hard to do on top of my other commitments.
I want to do something to get back into the swing of drawing succubus comic pages. Maybe a short uncoloured succubus side-story. Please expect something in the upcoming months.
Sorry again.
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ColdFusion 18th Jan 2020, 10:54 AM edit delete reply
I'm just glad you're not dead! Good on ya working on that art. Can't wait to see more.
Eli Cosmanis 22nd Jan 2020, 12:24 AM edit delete reply
Eli Cosmanis
thanks for sticking around.
...(RockB) 20th Jan 2020, 5:02 AM edit delete reply
Wow, that will be the new line-art? Progress was made off-publishing!

But I'm not sure who they are. My first thoughts were: Lara, Gusti, and Matt, but after checking their appearance a few pages back, I'm unsure. Top left is (still) most likely Lara, top right could be Gusti or someone else, but the bottom is probably not Matt, the hair is rather different and the face appears to be slimmer. Maybe Matt a few years later.

Anyway, apologies GLADLY accepted :D I'm so glad that you're back! :D And I take a lineart-only side story in this style anytime :D) (Sorry for the late comment, there were some RL-distractions...)
Eli Cosmanis 22nd Jan 2020, 12:27 AM edit delete reply
Eli Cosmanis
It's just a brush pen, it's a bit chaotic to draw with but im too lazy to refill my other pen.
It is Lara Gusti and Matt. Matt doesn't look very good at all, thats what I get for posting late at night thinking it looked okay. Supposed to show his state after being hunted but he just looks ugly.
...(RockB) 23rd Jan 2020, 1:11 PM edit delete reply
Hm, being hunted for some time is a good reason for looking ugly, maybe he is sleep-deprived.
The Letter M 20th May 2020, 8:28 PM edit delete reply
The Letter M
Art looking great.
Guest 17th Jun 2020, 4:57 PM edit delete reply
Art schmart...

Your story is solid and I'm dying to see more!
Art is what it is... You always get better the more you do.
Many of you artists struggle with getting better. Always cutting yourselves down, when in fact your budding talent is an envy to most of us!
You already hooked us, and you have every right to be proud of that!
Keep moving forward, and shrug off the self doubts.
We can be a faithful audience that just enjoy what you are willing to share with us, and it is fun to watch your skills progress!
(I'll return to my stick figures now....... Oh look! this one is smiling! I think......)
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